Opioid involved deaths are still on the rise in the United States. From 1999 to 2019, nearly 500,000 people died from an overdose involving an opioid, both prescription and illicit drugs. Those numbers, unfortunately, are not improving, as over 70,000 died in 2019 from drug overdose. One of the causes of this opioid epidemic comes from doctors prescribing opioids for pain relief. Over time people build a resistance to the prescribed opioids and do not obtain pain relief anymore, making many people turn to illegal drugs to find that relief. Opioids can also have detrimental impact to the body when used long-term, so finding alternative pain relief is important for overall health.
Over 130 people die every day from an opioid overdose according to the Centers for Disease Control. Many of those people were taking prescription opioids to relieve pain. When people are in constant pain, they sometimes do not make smart choices, all they can think about is relieving the pain. That is why over 10 million people misused prescription opioids in the past year according to Health and Human Services. Those opioids impact the body in detrimental ways.

Negative Impacts on the Body from Opioids

• Intense drowsiness- lack of consciousness
• Heightened risk of major depression
• Respiratory depression
• Chronic constipation (possible small bowel obstruction, perforation, or peritonitis)
• Nausea
• Hyperalgesia (increased sensitivity to pain)
• Psychomotor impairment (overall slowing of physical movements and loss of coordination)
• Suppression of immune system
• Liver damage

Many people who are experiencing pain do not realize there are other solutions. The first key is to determine the cause of the pain. Opioids do absolutely nothing to address the cause of the pain, they simply work to mask the pain so the body does not feel it. However since the cause is not addressed, when the opioids wear off, the pain returns, and can even become worse. It becomes a vicious cycle of pain – take a pill, more pain – take more pills, until eventually the pills stop working. Determining the cause of the pain, and then addressing that cause, will result in long term pain relief without the detrimental side effects of the opioid pills.
The pain management experts at Pain Stop Clinics offer other solutions. The doctors will examine you and review your medical records and determine what is causing your pain. Pain Stop Clinics provides multiple solutions to your pain, depending on the cause.

Treatments for Pain Offered by Pain Stop Clinics

• Interventional Pain Procedures
• Medical Injections
• Physical Therapies
• Surgical Procedures
• Chiropractic Therapy

All the treatments for pain offered by Pain Stop Clinics are designed to address the root causes of pain, provide long-term relief from pain, and use responsible pain management practices. Contact the pain management experts at Pain Stop Clinics today for a safe, long-term solution to your pain.

Responsible Pain Management Without Opioids

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