Treatments for FibromyalgiaFibromyalgia is the most common musculoskeletal condition after osteoarthritis causing achiness and pain over the entire body. Its characteristics include widespread muscle and joint pain, fatigue, sleep loss, memory issues, and troubles with mood. It is believed that fibromyalgia heightens the body’s sense of painful sensations by changing how the brain processes pain.

Often patients begin to feel symptoms of fibromyalgia after intense trauma to the body such as surgery, infections, intense physical accident, or great psychological stress. In other cases, symptoms develop over time without an intense event.

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Treatments for Fibromyalgia:

Symptoms & Causes of FibromyalgiaSymptoms & Causes of Fibromyalgia

Women typically develop fibromyalgia more often than men. People suffering with fibromyalgia may also experience depression, anxiety, frequent headaches, and TMJ pain.

Fibromyalgia pain is often described as a dull ache in the muscles of the body. Many people suffering from fibromyalgia feel pain extremely easily. A firm touch, such as, grabbing of an arm or bumping into something can be more painful than normal. Patients with fibromyalgia have tender points where they feel even more intense pain than others. These points are mainly in the shoulders, neck, upper chest, elbows, hips, and knees.

Along with the symptoms of pain individuals with fibromyalgia have a constant feeling of tiredness accompanied by trouble sleeping. This constant fatigue and sleep problems serve to magnify the pain symptoms and also affect mood.

If you are experiencing symptoms of fibromyalgia please contact your nearest Pain Stop Clinic and speak with one of our experts.

Causes of Fibromyalgia

Most researchers believe fibromyalgia is developed from intense trauma to the the body, such a car accident or powerful blow. The condition can also arise from great emotional trauma; many sufferers of post-traumatic stress have also shown a link with fibromyalgia. Illnesses can also trigger the disease. It has been shown that genetics may have some role in the development of fibromyalgia in some cases as well; certain genetic mutations can make individuals more susceptible to the condition.

Fibromyalgia can be a very tough disease to live with but regular exercise along with stress & pain relief treatments offered at Pain Stop Clinics are effective in managing fibromyalgia pain. The medical professionals, doctors, and staff at Pain Stop Clinics will help you with proven treatments to provide relief from pain and stress. Contact our clinics today and get the support you need.


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