Foot/Ankle Pain

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Foot and Ankle Pain is very common in the general population. Among active individuals foot and ankle problems happen all too often. Pulls, sprains and fractures go improperly treated which lead to chronic injuries. Common reasons for ankle and foot pain include the rise in obesity, people living longer and improper shoe support leading to unstable ankle and foot.

Many foot and ankle problems can be treated properly without the need for surgery or heavily invasive measures. At Pain Stop Clinics our goal is to provide you with lasting pain relief without the means of highly invasive and high cost procedures.

Foot and Ankle Pain Treatments:

Osteoarthritis is also a major condition that often leads to the root of foot pain. It is basically the wear and tear of the soft tissue in the joint, also know as degenerative joint disease. Peripheral Neuropathy can also cause pain in the foot. At Pain Stop Clinics we provide a wide variety of treatments for foot and ankle pain causes. Our ability to use modalities paired with medical care ensures that our patients receive proper treatment of all foot and ankle problems.

If you have foot and ankle pain try some of the tips below to help relieve the pain, strengthen, and protect.

  • Wear proper fitting shoes
  • Exercise and stretch regularly to keep feet limber and strong
  • Exercises such as toe curls, toe pulls, and Achilles stretches can help
  • Try to avoid wearing heels
  • Inserts for heel and arch support can help

Ankle Pain TreatmentPain Stop Clinics provides patients with the ability to gain support and protect their body from future ankle and foot injuries. Our pain management doctors will work with you one-on-one to find the root of your problem, educate you on how the problem started and eliminate the pain while giving you the tools to prevent further conditions. Contact Pain Stop Clinics and stop living in pain.


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