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Tingling in the feet can be an uncomfortable and disruptive condition to have to suffer with. Many times tingling in the feet can feel like pins and needles. This is generally painless and similar to the sensation of the foot falling “asleep”. The pins and needles sensation is easily corrected by allowing blood flow to the affected area and reducing any pressure that may be restricting the nerves.

In other less common cases, tingling in the feet may be indicative of nerve damage. Nerve damage can arise from intense physical injuries, repetitive physical stress, infections, or disease such as diabetes or arthritis. If your tingling in the feet is constantly reoccurring it may be a good idea to talk to a medical professional at the Pain Stop Clinics. Our experts will help determine the cause of the tingling and create a proper treatment plan for your specific condition.

Treatments for Tingling in the Feet:

Tingling in the feet can be a sign for concern. Many times if the tingling continues it may be due to several possible causes. Below is a general list of the causes of tingling of the feet.

Causes of Tingling in the Feet:Tingling In Feet

  • Pressure on Nerves – Nerves become compressed and create pain and tingling
  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome – Damage to the tibial nerve. Nerve provides movement and sensation to the calf and foot
  • Vitamin Deficiency – Low levels of B12, B6, B1, and Vitamin E can lead to problems with nerves causing tingling
  • Substance Abuse – Causes nerve damage with numbness and tingling
  • Peripheral Artery Disease – Narrowing and hardening of arteries that supply blood to the legs and feet
  • Injury – Injuries can cause pain and tingling if not properly treated

If you are suffering from tingling in the feet make sure you are receiving the recommended amount of vitamins. If tingling in the feet continues you may want to speak with a medical professional at one of our Pain Stop Clinics. We can help diagnosis your symptom and pin point the causes of your tingling. Contact us by phone or request an appointment online.


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