Migraine Headache Pain Relief

Migraines are a term used to refer to severe headaches. Often debilitating, these often come with a pulsing sensation. Those who suffer from the condition may also experience nausea and vomiting as well as have extreme sensitivity to light and sound. The attacks can last for hours and may even extend to days, with the pain severe enough to interrupt everyday activities.


Migraines typically start to manifest while you are young, commonly seen in kids, adolescents, and young adults. The severe headaches can go through all four stages: prodrome and aura which are then followed by the attack, and the post-drome. Not all people with migraines go through all four of the stages, though. Symptoms for each stage differ:

  • Subtle changes can be noticed two or three days before the attack. You may suffer from food cravings, stiffness in your neck, constipation, frequent yawning, and more.
  • This may happen before or during an attack. The symptoms can last for about twenty to sixty minutes. They will include loss of vision, feeling a pins and needles sensation in your arm or leg, weakness or numbness on one side of your body or face. If you have trouble speaking, hearing noises or music, can’t control your movements or have uncontrollable movement or jerking, and more, these symptoms are recognized under the aura stage.
  • The attack can last from anywhere of four up to seventy-two hours in the absence of a proper treatment or medication. However, the length of the attack isn’t standard and varies from one person to another. It can come with vomiting, throbbing or pulsing pain, and light sensitivity.
  • Post-drome. You will experience feeling drained and exhausted, as though your system has gone through the wringer.

When to See a Doctor

If your migraines interfere with your life and keep you from participating in everyday tasks, then start looking for treatment. Find a clinic that offers pain management in Scottsdale for your condition. By getting help, you can take better control of your life.

What to Expect

Learn to ease your symptoms or reduce the frequency of the attacks. By consulting with chiropractors on chronic pain care, you’ll find out how to manage your migraines better, avoid triggers, and ease the symptoms during the attack.

Discover more ways to deal with severe and painful headaches. Book an appointment for pain management in Scottsdale at Pain Stop Clinics.

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