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We have a broad array of services and specialties not commonly found in typical pain management practices. This enables us to provide diagnostic testing, and medical procedures, in all of our Pain Stop Clinics locations. The benefit is more convenient, comfortable and efficient pain management options that are tailor-made to fit your specific situation and needs.

We are dedicated to giving you the same level of personalized attentive care we expect for our own families. You’ll be treated with kindness, honesty and respect as we partner with you to ensure you live pain free.

Pain Management without Opioids

Pain Stop Clinics is dedicated to providing patients long-lasting relief and effective pain management without the use of opioids. We are committed to finding the root cause of our patients’ pain and tackling that cause, rather than covering up the pain temporarily with opioids. 

The widespread use of opioids for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome management has raised serious concerns:

  • In 2020, Drug overdose deaths in the United States rose 4.6% in 2019 to 70,980, including 50,042 involving opioids
  • Nearly 500,000 people are admitted to emergency rooms each year due to opioid overdoses or adverse events. More than half of those people had legitimate prescriptions from their doctors.
  • Even when an addiction is not present, lowering the dose or stopping opioids can cause unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

A Startling Number of People are Addicted to Opioids and Medicating Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Does Not Solve the Problem

Opioid pain medications like OxyContin, Percocet, Vicodin and Codeine are prescribed to millions of people who have arthritis, lower back pain or nerve pain despite the surprising lack of medical evidence to support the use of opioid medications to treat these conditions.

According to a separate CDC report released today, 6.6% of women reported using a prescription opioid pain reliever during pregnancy in 2019, and one in five of these women reported misusing opioids. The authors recommend obstetric providers discuss the risks and benefits of opioid therapy for chronic pain, screen all pregnant women for substance use disorders, and provide referral and treatment as appropriate.

In addition to the risk of addiction and overdose, opiates also have unpleasant side effects including sedation and chronic constipation.

Responsible Pain Management – A Better Way to Stop Your Pain

An estimated 100 million people in the United States are living with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and few doctors have adequate training to effectively treat these patients. Many patients leave their doctor’s offices believing that there are no solutions for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome beyond prescription drugs and surgery.

However, there are many overlooked and underutilized pain management techniques that offer better and longer-lasting results. Chiropractic, injections and nerve blocks, occupational therapy and Physiotherapy are just a few. Several of these modalities teach skills patients can use to manage their pain and maximize their levels of functioning.

The pain management doctors at Pain Stop Clinics know that when you’re in pain you just want it to stop. Don’t accept medications that don’t get to the root of the problem and put you at risk for addiction, overdose and death. Pain Stop Clinics use responsible pain management techniques to alleviate your Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Responsible Pain Management Without Opioids

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