Low-Dose Steroid Injections

Low-Dose Steroid Injections2019-11-12T14:38:18-07:00

We provide low-dose steroid injections for orthopedic pain, joint inflammatory, ligaments, nerves, tendons and overuse painful syndromes.

A treatment strategy in dealing with painful orthopedic conditions is the use of anti-inflammatory steroid injection. If a patient is receiving a low-dose steroid injection in one of our facilities, they will receive the lowest amount of corticosteroids in their injection. The primary focus of having a low-dose steroid injection is to numb and comfort the surrounding tissues of a painful area.

Low-dose steroid injections can help a patient with immediate pain relief. Often times reducing the amount of steroid used in our injections along with the combinations of other natural therapies in our office help our patients achieve fast, safe and effect pain relief!

Pain Stop Clinics can help treat chronic and acute painful conditions. Contact our friendly staff to schedule your pain relief treatment.


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